This Unlucky Sign Can Expect Rocky Romance Ahead, Is It Yours?

A starry night sky has been the backdrop for romance for millennia. The stars move, inspire, and elate us. However, the feelings aren’t always mutual. 

Central Recorder, Moon, and planets affect all aspects of our lives: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Just as they can offer fortune and prosperity, they can also warn of danger ahead. 

The stars have one such warning for one Zodiac sign in particular. Is it yours?

Trouble In The Distance

Unfortunately, the stars don’t come with easy-to-read signs that say, “dump him” or “go for it.” Instead, we have to look backward. Namely, we have to look for retrogrades. 

Generally speaking, retrogrades bring upended chaos and confusion. Planet’s original influences turn inward and introspective. What once could have been a catalyst for change is stagnant and stuck. 

Mercury recently returned direct, casting us in a post-retrograde (RG) shadow. So, the only bodies currently in RG are two dwarf planets: Makemake and Haumea. 

When direct, Makemake influences our internal drive for activism. It affects our relationship with the natural environment. When in RG, we struggle to self-motivate and feel detached from our surroundings. 

Haumea, on the other hand, influences intuition. Thus, when it’s in RG, we have difficulty trusting our inner voice.

Spotting Less-Than-Savory Aspects

We can find other romantic red flags via spatial relationships. Squares are good indicators of a struggle, while conjunctions are power combos that can go either way. 

Venus and Mars are currently conjunct under Capricorn. This powerful combination brings fire to relationships, which can be good or bad. For some signs, this conjunction brings passion and excitement–for others, it brings conflict and competition. 

This conjunct is currently squared with two other dwarf planets, Eris and Chiron. Eris controls our inner need to rebel and seek freedom. Chiron, however, is far more sensitive. This small planet directly affects our innermost sources of pain, our metaphorical “soft spots.” 

The spatial relationship between the Venus-Mars conjunct and the two dwarves is complicated. Those under its influence might feel the urge to buck against old relationships. They might be tempted to cheat or pick unnecessary fights. 

Granted, this could very well be a defense mechanism of Chiron’s creation. Still, it looks the same to the person on the other side: cold, detached, and impulsive.

So, Which Sign Is At Risk?

purple Aries Zodiac Sign on a dark background

This celestial alignment stands to affect Aries the most. While no one is immune to the stars and planets outside of their immediate Zodiac profile, Aries will bear the brunt of this starry shake-up.

There are several reasons for this, one being Aries’ ruling planet, Mars. Because Mars rules Aries, this sign will feel the effects of the Venus-Mars conjunct more acutely. While typically these could swing positive or negative, a tense square suggests the latter. 

The aforementioned square between Venus-Mars and Eris and Chiron falls under Aries. Both dwarf planets have been flying under Aries for a while now. But the added energy from Venus and Mars will send Aries over the edge. 

Moreover, the Venus-Mars conjunct squares Makemake RG in Aries’ ruling 1st House. This suggests feelings of detachment and lack of motivation will cause strife in relationships. As a result, conflict and hurt feelings are far more likely. 

Not to mention this is happening in Aries’ ruling House. So far, Aries has its ruling planet in conjunction, a square under its sign, and a square in its house. In plain English: oof. 

If you’re an Aries, don’t batten down the hatches just yet. You can make it through this rocky romantic period if you stay mindful, present, and aware. Many of these lovesick struggles will be internal, so remember to self-reflect and assess whenever possible.

Besides, if anyone’s up for a battle to prove their strength, it’d be you, Aries.

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