This sentence is for hotel workers: I want to be upgraded.

Getting a free upgrade in your hotel room is something many guests dream of.

The hotel worker who revealed the only sentence to secure a free upgrade has made that possible. However, you might need some homework.

A hotel worker has revealed the one sentence you need to say to bag a free upgrade  (stock image)


Un hotel worker reveals the one sentence that will get you a free upgrade (stock photo)

Edward Conway took to the question-and-answer site Quora To share his tips for hotel guests who want to be upgraded to a better room.

He advised guests to ask the front desk staff for their name. They should then say that they’ll be giving feedback, and that they’d like them to include them.

They are more likely to be upgraded and receive good reviews.

The one sentence that you should say is: “I’ll be leaving a review, what’s your name?”

Edward stressed the importance of good feedback for hotels. This means that you should only use this technique if it is something you intend to do.

He stated, “Be polite and pay attention to things that could be added to a feedback survey.”

“A guest who uses my name to give feedback about their stay will be more likely to do so if they have an email address.

“Having consistent positive feedback from guests is a core goal in hospitality. Management and staff are judged on this as a key job performance indicator.”

Edward also said that telling the hotel staff you won’t be leaving reviews will make them less interested in your experience. Therefore, you are less likely be upgraded.

He also added: “Letting the front desk know you will not be giving feedback is akin to saying that you don’t care about your stay.”

The hotel owner revealed that guests can receive a complimentary upgrade to their rooms – “Don’t be greedy”.

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Guests simply need to say: "I'll be leaving a review, what's your name?"


Guests need only say: “I’ll be leaving a review, what’s your name?”Credit: Alamy

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