They ended up ‘peeing their pants’It was so difficult to leave Trump’s rally

They ended up ‘peeing their pants’It was so difficult to leave Trump's rally

People who attended former President Donald Trump’s recent rally in Arizona ended up “peeing their pants”It is difficult to leave the rally.

On Saturday night, thousands of people were in attendance for Trump’s return to the stage, and they were ecstatic to hear what he had to say.

This rally contained the usual list grievances and conspiracy theories concerning the theft of his election in 2020.

For some, however, the joy was fleeting when they tried to leave the rally but were made to wait hours in the lot.

According to social media reports, Trump was the only one who allowed people to leave.

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Viral TikToks and Twitter posts have featured long lines of cars as well as complaints about the waiting time in the parking lot.

The report is available at Arizona Republic, ”many people leaving the venue had to wait more than an hour before they could exit the dirt parking lots and get on the road.”

Due to delays in departure, long lines formed to gain entry to the event. It is only accessible via a single two-lane road.

A TikToker who walks by @special_head had conversations with people waiting to leave the former commander-in-chief’s rally in Arizona. One woman claimed that people couldn’t leave until Trump did because the Secret Service needed to secure the road

“The Secret Service can go f*** themselves. And f***ing know how to do their job right,”A man wearing a hat said: “Gods Guns & Trump” T-shirt.

After the incident, a woman wearing red with a USA pin on her lapel claimed to be an attorney and that the situation was her fault. “bulls***”Never had “freedom restricted like this” before.

“And of all places for it happen. My first Trump rally.

“This is false imprisonment… They’re treating us like commoners. Let all the VIPs go first, and who cares about the little people.”

She stated that Trump, merchants and recreational vehicles had to leave first before the public could go.

Another video by @special_head featured the unverified Claim Some women have been known to pee while waiting.

This wasn’t the first time Trump had people wait long at a rally.

According to The Hill, during Trump’s Nebraska campaign event in 2020, hundreds of people were forced to wait hours in frigid weather.

Twitter reports also spoke of the long lines of traffic that waited to enter and leave the event.

This was Trump’s first rally since he failed his reelection bid. Trump will hold another rally in Texas later this month.

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