These Are the Top Side Hustles People Work to Make Extra Money

As inflation keeps rising and fear of a recession builds, many are taking on side hustles to make ends meet and put extra money in their pocket.

Top side hustles include renting out your car, becoming a proofreader, selling personal stuff online, getting paid to take surveys, tutoring students and monetizing your property on Airbnb.

Vanessa Garcia, a 28-year-old actress from Los Angeles, says she works at TaskRabbit, making close to $2,000 dollars per week just by going to strangers’ homes to do odds and ends, including organizing and putting furniture together. 

Nick Loper founded the website Side Hustle Nation on how to make extra income.

“The big thing is consistency, especially if you have a full time job,” Loper said.

Just by working a few extra hours a week, people like Garcia are bringing in some big bucks that are really making a difference in their lives. 

According to the Census Bureau, about 13 million U.S. workers have more than one job. 


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