The Voice’s Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Went To Battle In The Blind Auditions, And There’s A Clear Winner

The Voice’s Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Went To Battle In The Blind Auditions, And There’s A Clear Winner

Spoiler alert! This story will discuss the first five nights in Blind Auditions. The Voice Season 22, so be sure you’re caught up!

With Gwen StefaniRejoining The Voice’s coaching panelWe knew Season 22 would be a lot of fun for her. Blake SheltonCompeting for the first time since they’ve been married. Although the pair has remained loyal to each others and have focused on their respective goals, Competitors with John Legend Camila CabelloOn Night 5 of the Blind Auditions, the gloves came off. Stefani mentioned at the top of the show Shelton was going down. The Voice, but the season so far, it’s easy to see why she was so confident.

Gwen Stefani Owned Blake Shelton While Going Head-Tohead 

No Doubt’s frontwoman might have stated that she feels the same way. like she’s already won since she gets to do this job with her husband by her side, but she’s also putting herself in a good position to actually win the season — or at the very least be the more successful Shelton. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been the only coaches who have turned around seven times for the same singer in Season 22. This puts the final decision on which team to join into the hands of contestants. Five times out of seven, the ska queen has lured her to her team, winning Jay Allen, Sadie Bass, Cara Brindisi, Kique And Daysia.

After the couple fought over 17-year-old Daysia in the latest episode, the cowboy admitted he’s got his work cut out for him:

Gwen’s the one to beat this year in the Blind Auditions. There’s no way around it. It’s very frustrating. My wife beats me again. Sucks on the show, but it’s OK for home.

Blake Shelton was worried about the impact of competition on their home and family life. Celebrating their first anniversary, maybe this wasn’t the smartest move.

Blake Shelton Uses His Block on Gwen Stefani 

“Happy wife, happy life”Blake Shelton may not subscribe to this philosophy, but he did win Gwen Stefani over when he used his only Block to stop her from winning at the 15-year old age. Ansley Burns. While the “Don’t Speak”Singer told the teen that she was so happy she got the chance to work for her “one of the greatest guys in the whole world,” she didn’t have much to say to her husband afterward, when Shelton asked her: 

So it’s still gonna be ‘Gwen Shelton’Even though I used my Block against you? See? She didn’t answer.

At Gwen Stefani’s silence over the Question about her last nameJohn Legend joked that at The Voice, “we bring them together, then we tear them apart.” 

The Sheltons Still Are The Most Cute 

Blake Shelton might be well-known troll Gwen StefaniShe may make declarations about, every now and then. “It doesn’t matter if we’re married or not, we’re in a competition,” but these two just can’t stop being adorable. Camila Cabello asked Stefani, during a break between artists, which coach she would choose if she was a contestant. Stefani laughed and pointed immediately at her husband. 

Hello? This is the man I want. I’m obsessed with him. I can’t help it.

She continued to refer to herself and the cowboy as “She” “Mom and Dad”Potential team members and the Blake Shelton is a charismatic and always-charming singer, for his part, didn’t seem to mind that Gwen Stefani kept beating him, as he admitted that it was “awkward”for him fight with her over the artists.

With the Blind Auditions nearing their end, he won’t have to suffer much longer. At 8 p.m., tune in to NBC. ET on Tuesday October 4th to see the coaches complete their teams! Check out our 2022 TV ScheduleCheck out other shows that are coming soon. 

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