The Repair Shop viewers ‘bawl their eyes out’ as Olympian reveals heart-wrenching story behind beloved dolls

The Repair Shop fans were left “bawling their eyes out” after an Olympian revealed the emotional story behind her two precious dolls.

BBC One viewers found themselves reaching for the tissues when Jess Hiles, 36 and June Hiles brought along their beloved dolls Amy & David.

Olympic gold medallist Jess Hiles brought along two precious dolls to be restoredOlympic gold medallist Jess Hiles brought along two precious dolls to be restored

Jay Blades was left emotional at Jess' heart-wrenching storyJay Blades was left emotional at Jess’ heart-wrenching story credit: BBC

The damaged dolls were looking their age, with missing limbs and tired bodies.

Jay Blades and restoration duo Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell were overwhelmed by Jess’ achievements, calling her an “inspirational young lady”.

The Gold medallist said: “My nan brought me David when I was five years old and he wanted a brother or sister and I got Amy.”

June explained that the two dolls had not left Jess’ side for about 30 years which is why they needed repairing.

The dolls were a big part of her daughter’s life and helped her through the grief after Jess’ grandmother passed.

Speaking about her grandmother, Jess said: “She was really lovely, I stayed a lot with her and I loved her to pieces.”

June also revealed that Jess had to undergo a life-saving heart surgery when she was just 12 days old.

Jess was informed by doctors that if she had not received the operation, she would have been dead within hours.

June said: “She came through that and we were then told 50/50 that she may not survive the year, but Jess being Jess has just gone from strength to strength so we are very lucky to have this young lady.”

Jess asked Jay if he could repair her dolls and make them Special Olympics jackets which were identical to the one she was wearing.

Jess wanted them to be preserved for future use, but she also requested a couple of modifications.

She wanted new clothes to match the tracksuit Jess wears when competing in the Special Olympics, a carbon fibre running blade to replace David’s missing leg, and some Jay-inspired headwear.

Jess was in tears after her dolls were taken away for repairs.

The sports star was moved to tears when she saw the restored dolls on the show later in the program.

June said: “I can’t thank you enough for making this one’s dream come true.”

Jess added: “I was gobsmacked when I saw them and emotional.”

BBC One viewers were also floored by the touching moment.

One wrote: “Just ONCE I want to watch an episode of The Repair Shop and not bawl my eyes out.”

Another shared: “What’s everyone up to? I’m just sobbing over two dolls on The Repair Shop.”

“@jayblades_ [I’m] in tears again watching tonight’s Repair Shop – the one with the wonderful young lady Jess and her two dolls. You are all such lovely caring people. Keep up the brilliant work you all do,” a third posted.

Another commented: “I’ve got something in my eye! Damn you the Repair Shop!”

“B****y Hell! Five minutes into the Repair Shop and I’m already in tears,” one added.

The Repair Shop will air Tuesday, 8 pm on BBC One

Jess had a life-saving heart operation when she was 12 days oldJess had a life-saving heart operation when she was 12 days old credit: BBC

The sport star and mum June was left in tears at the incredible restorationThe sports star and mum June was left in tears at the incredible restoration credits: BBC

The Repair Shop experts transformed her beloved dollsThe Repair Shop experts transformed her beloved dollsCredit: BBC

Trailer for BBC One’s The Repair Shop

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