The Offer Star Says He’d “Understand” if Coppola Never Watched

The Offer might be one that Francis Ford Coppolacan refuse—at least according to the actor who plays him.

Dan Fogler, who portrays the legendary director of The Godfatherin the Paramount+ limited series about the riotous making of the 1972 classic, says he wouldn’t be surprised if Coppola skipped it over.

“From his point of view, he’s looking at me and saying ‘They couldn’t get somebody who’s Italian? You couldn’t maybe find somebody who was closer to six feet tall?'” Fogler joked with E! News. “It’s so personal. I would understand if he never even wanted to watch it. I would get that.”

Still, Fogler—who can be seen above as Coppola alongside Miles Telleras Al Ruddy and Justin Chambersas Marlon Brando in an exclusive clip from the May 26 episode—is holding out hope.

“I would love for him to see it,” he said. “That would be the ultimate stamp of approval for him to say ‘I love what you did.'”

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