“The Network Famous For Showing Large Shots Of Empty Chairs!” (Video)

Donald Trump, the twice-impeached ex-president of the United States was cut short mid-sentence last week when C-SPAN retracted from his gala appearance before he had finished speaking. Seth Meyers found it quite amusing and astonishing that even C-SPAN was not willing to listen to all he had to say.

On Friday, Trump was there. “The America First Experience and Gala.” He took to the podium and once more complained about Attorney General Merrick Galrland’s special counsel. This was supposed to supervise multiple investigations into Trump. Then he went on about how many soldiers died in Afghanistan during his tenure as the Special Counsel.

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The C-SPAN host jumped in and said, “As he was getting into it, he broke in.” “Former president Trump has moved on to other topics. We’ll take this opportunity to move on with our program schedule.” Meyers couldn’t help but laugh at that.

“Even C-SPAN cut away! This is the network famous for showing wide shots of empty chairs, and even they were like ‘This s— is boring,’” Meyers mocked. “You know how bad your speech has to be for C-SPAN to cut away from it? You know what their program schedule was that they had to get back to? An old man silently doing the crossword by himself for six hours and then falling asleep.”

Of course, Meyers himself didn’t want to hear what Trump had to say either, pointing out that it was simply more “performative victimhood.” In truth, late night host at the Late Night is baffled why the former President twice impeached thinks that making him look like a victim would work.

“Seriously, who is this message supposed to appeal to?” Meyers was questioned shortly before the beginning of the segment. “Does Trump think people will vote for him because they feel bad for him? I wouldn’t be surprised if his first campaign ad was one of those ASPCA commercials, except, instead of your money going to animals, it goes to him.”

You can watch Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” You can see the segment below.

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