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Netflix press coverage tends to devote an outsized share of attention to the streamer’s English-language content, at the expense of other titles that audiences around the world are bingeing. And that’s a shame, for so many reasons. Netflix’s gems are often overlooked. Extraordinary Attorney Woo — a new and heartwarming Korean-language dramaBuilt around an attorney for the autism spectrum.

This show is also utterly dominating one of the streamer’s key rankings that comes out each week.

The last chart period covers the 7-day period that ended July 31. Extraordinary Attorney WooThe show was viewed over 65.6 millions times around the world. This makes it the #1 non English show on Netflix at the moment. If Extraordinary Attorney WooYou were eligible for placement Netflix’s Top 10English-language TV Chart for the Week? It would actually be #2 globally, just after Virgin River Season 4.

Here’s what Netflix says about the show in its summary — particularly, about the central character, Woo Young-woo. “As someone with autism spectrum disorder, she faces various prejudices but wins over her colleagues at a top law firm by spotting details and legal loopholes that nobody else can see. As the show’s screenwriter Moon Ji-won puts it: ‘Once she takes on a case, it takes a turn that viewers could not have seen before anywhere else.’”

The show has been a top-performing Netflix series since its debut at the end June. Extraordinary Attorney Woo has, in fact, been either #1 or #2 for four consecutive weeks on the streamer’s global Top 10 non-English shows chart.

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“I focused on her sincere heart”

Park Eunbin is the actress playing Attorney Woo. And she explained her approach to this character that’s garnered affection from fans worldwide in an interview with Netflix.

“I focused on her sincere heart,”Park speaks out about playing Woo. “I didn’t want to limit this character, so I was really open to all possible options in expressing her heart freely. She is such a spirited and courageous person, and I was able to learn a lot from this character.”

This is one of the most romantic Netflix originals you can find. Extraordinary Attorney WooA strong online international fandom is also available. One that, from what I can tell, is much more hardcore than the typical fandom around Netflix’s various Korean-language titles. And there’s evidence all over the place, including the tens of thousands of videos posted on TikTok using the WooYoungWoo Greeting” sounds. 

In general, social media is flooded by videos of K-pop artists reenacting the greetings and handshakes between Woo Jung-woo and Dong Geurami from the show. Seventeen, NCT127 and Aespa as well as GOT7 and BTS have all joined in the fun.

I for one will not be disappointed by the show. You are in danger, Netflix’s best-ever K-drama. This K-drama is the benchmark by which all others should be judged. Nevertheless, Extraordinary Attorney WooIt is a solid and entertaining television series. It should appeal to nearly any fan of the genre.

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