The latest news from Prince Andrew: A US judge rejects Prince Andrew’s appeal to have his case dismissed

Virginia ‘told fellow Epstein “slave” that she had sex with Andrew’Maxwell witnesses claims

Ms Giuffre, then Miss Roberts, 17, reportedly showed the victim the infamous picture of her posing with Andrew at convicted sex trafficker Maxwell’s home.

And Carolyn Andriano, 35, has now waived her right to anonymity to share her full knowledge of Virginia’s alleged encounter.

She shared her story with the Daily Mail Miss Roberts texted her from London in March 2001 to say she was going for dinner with Andrew, Maxwell and Epstein.

Miss Roberts is said to have presented the picture of Andrew and Miss Andriano to Miss Andriano in Florida. “I got to sleep with him.”

They also claimed that she told them they had dinner. “had sex”.

Giving her account, Mrs Andriona, who is now a mum-of-five, explained: “I asked her if she’d been to the palace. She said yes. ‘I got to sleep with him’.

“I said ‘What? You’re f****** with me’ and she said ‘no, I got to sleep with him’.”

The married mum added: “She said they had dinner and they had sex.

“She didn’t say anything about what they ate or where they were – that’s not what we were talking about.

“It was just that she couldn’t believe she got to sleep with Prince Andrew.”

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