The cost of hotel rooms in the best resorts is now lower than that of Airbnbs.

HOTELS are “surprisingly” cheaper than Airbnbs, a study has found.

Which? compared hotel rooms’ cost with 300,000 one-bed listings on rental websites.

Hotel rooms in Santorini in Greece are cheaper than booking with Airbnb


Booking hotel rooms on Santorini, Greece is cheaper than using AirbnbCredit: Getty

Study included 37 international destinations as well as 13 UK-based ones.

The rental prices are cheaper if you don’t include staff.

But a one-night stay in a hotel was an average of £101, compared with £120 across Airbnb and Vrbo.

On Santorini, Greece, Airbnb and Vrbo listings are costlier at £203 to £119 for hotels.

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And rentals for Amsterdam were £183 versus £116.

Hotel rates were also generally cheaper in Asia — by as much as 85 per cent in Hong Kong.

Staycationers could book a hotel in Southwold, Suffolk, for £155, with a rental £223.

Hotels are usually cheaper in all four UK capitals, said the analysis — based on average prices for the year to May.

Airbnb and Vrbo considered listings that included entire property.

This study did not include five-star hotel sites.

Which? Travel’s Rory Boland said: “Many holidaymakers may be surprised to discover hotels are cheaper.

“For larger groups that need more rooms and space, private rentals are still likely to win on price.”

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