The cause of death of ‘Days of Our Lives” actor Cody Longo has been confirmed

Days of Our Lives The cause of death for alum Cody Longo has now been determined after the 34 year old was discovered dead in February. The autopsy report obtained by TMZThe actor’s death was caused by “chronic alcohol abuse” or the long-term consequences of drinking heavily for years. This is something that you wouldn’t expect to see in a 34 year old. Medical examiners described Longo’s death as natural. According to the autopsy, Longo’s body had begun decomposing at the time he died and alcohol bottles littered the scene.

Longo, a resident of Austin, Texas was discovered dead on the bed in a home in February. Stephanie Longo was not home when her husband died. She called 911 because she could not reach him. After he did not respond, the police performed a welfare inspection. They had to break down the door in order to get into the house.

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Alex Gittelson was Longo’s agent and long-time friend. He confirmed his death. Gittelson stated in writing that “he died in the sleep in his Austin, TX home and was discovered Wednesday morning.” NBC News“The cause is believed to have been alcohol-related.” The cause was believed to be alcohol related.

He told his family TMZ At the time, he was struggling with alcohol abuse and had gone to rehab in 2020. The family believed that he was relapsing and his alcoholism eventually killed him. Stephanie, a 7-year old daughter, as well as his five-year-old son and one-year-old boy, survived.

“Cody was the center of our universe. Both my children and I feel utterly devastated. He was a great dad and husband. Stephanie shared a message from Gittelson that said, “We love you and will miss you always.”

Longo appeared on eight episodes Days of Our Lives In 2011, Nicholas Alamain. He returned to Salem in his storyline to apologize to his mother Carly for the way he treated her. Longo’s most frequent onscreen appearance was in 78 Nick-at Nighte episodes. Hollywood Heights starring as Eddie Duran. Also, he appeared in a number of episodes Nashville The role of the 2016 was a major one Bring it on: Fight until the End.

Gittelson and Longo had been close friends for 15 years before Gittelson began to represent him. Gittelson recalled that Cody had been a friend for many years before he was his client. “He took a few year off acting to concentrate on his music career, and also to spend time with his wife and family in Nashville. We kept in contact regularly. He was eager to start acting again this year.”

He added, “Cody is a talented and loyal person who will be missed.”

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