The Best Way to Keep Potatoes Fresh for Months

The Best Way to Keep Potatoes Fresh for Months

  • To extend the shelf life of potatoes, keep them in a dry and ventilated basket or bag in a cool dark place.
  • If placed in ideal conditions, potatoes will keep for weeks — or even months.
  • Avoid storing potatoes in the refrigerator as it can alter their texture and flavor.
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There’s a reason potatoes are sold by the bagful at supermarkets everywhere: They can be prepared in a wide variety of ways and — unlike most produce — will keep for weeks or even months. While potatoes are generally quite resilient, there are some things you should avoid when storing them.

This guide will help you store your sweet potatoes, gourmet fingerlings, and russets for the best shelf life.

How long do potatoes keep good?

How it is stored can determine how long a potato will last. An unblemished, fresh potato stored under the best conditions can last several months.

If potatoes are stored above 55°F, they will dehydrate quicker, shrinking their shelf life. The starchy tuber can be kept for several weeks even in less than ideal conditions.

You shouldn’t keep your potatoes in the fridge

Storing potatoes in the refrigerator can be a problem. “When potatoes get too cold, their starch content converts to sugar creating a sweeter tasting potato and changing the way they perform when cooked,”Muir.

Even if you don’t have the ideal temperature for potatoes storage, you’ll get better results storing your potatoes in the darkest, coolest place than the fridge.

Raw potatoes won’t freeze well due to the starch-to sugar conversion. If you want to store potatoes in the freezer for long term storage, then slice or chop them and blanch them prior to freezing. Before freezing, drain them completely and then use them within a few weeks.

Can you keep potatoes and onions together?

You may have heard that onions and potatoes should not be stored together. This common kitchen advice is supported by science.

Avoid ethylene gas-emitting vegetables, such as onions and bananas, to protect your potatoes. These gases will slow down the growth of your potatoes, and they will become older.

Is sprouted potato safe to eat?

Potatoes are still edible even after they have been picked. “no matter what you do, they will still sprout,”Muir. “The good news is that sprouting isn’t bad, it’s a natural process. If you see a little sprout, just pick it out. The potato is still safe to eat.”

Are you allowed to eat green potatoes?

Your potato may have turned green from light exposure. You should store it in a dark place. You can allow the potato to turn a little greener, but you should still cook it as intended. If your entire potato is turning green, you can toss it and learn from your mistakes.

Do potatoes go bad?

How do you know when your potato is past its prime? Give the potato a chance to breathe. It’s bad if the potato is too soft and/or wrinkled. Tossing completely green potatoes and any other spuds with an off smell is also a good idea.

Insider’s Takeaway

The best potato storage conditions are in cool and dark places away from heat sources. Avoid the fridge — which is too cold — and ethylene gas-emitting produce such as onions, apples, and bananas. The spuds can last up to three months if they are stored in good conditions.

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