Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone character made a fun and unexpected reference to an 1883 prequel star.

Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone character made a fun and unexpected reference to an 1883 prequel star.

We have mild spoilers for the fourth episode in Yellowstone Season 4. Please be aware that these spoilers may not apply to you if this is your first viewing.

Taylor Sheridan will appear on YellowstoneYou know that Travis Wheatley is a horse trader, so you know it will be a good time. After dropping Some of the most beautiful linesThe season thus far in multiple episodesTravis delivered a few more hilarious moments in Episode 4, as he and Jimmy bond during their trip in Texas to the 6666 Ranch. The impending 6666Jefferson White staring in a spinoff. Sheridan also gave his support to the prequel spinoff in one scene 1883It’s fun!

Travis has made it clear that Jimmy will not be allowed to drive the pickup truck on the particular drive. The horse-riding master drops a memorable line from Travis. A very important movie Road HouseHe calls it the greatest movie ever made. (Jimmy’s probably lucky Travis didn’t make him feel even worse for not immediately recognizing it.) Even though that might have been enough for fourth-wall conversations to start, Travis slammed Sam Elliott.

Never fuckin’ made. Goddamn, Sam Elliott is what I want to be when I’m grown up. Patrick Swayze’s hair. Man, the mullet looks great!

Even though 1883 hasn’t yet premiered on Paramount+ and Paramount Network, and thus hasn’t yet canonically established Sam Elliott’s rootin’est-tootin’est cowboy Shea Brennan into the YellowstoneWe live in a world that Elliott will be able to exist on two separate planes. He is a legendary actor to Travis and others, much like he is in our world, and he will also be portraying the person responsible for getting John Dutton’s ancestors to the Montana land that would become the family’s expansive ranch.

YellowstoneThe majority of the filming was completed in late 2020, well before the release of the movie. 1883Prequel was announced Sam Elliott was cast alongside Tim McGraw & Faith Hill. Additional scenes were shot, which is one of the reasons Season 4 didn’t premiere on Paramount Network as quickly as it was expected. So at this point, it’s unclear whether or not Taylor Sheridan was already aware of Elliott’s prequel involvement at the time when that scene was filmed. 

But I think I’d prefer the idea that Sheridan definitely knew about Elliott serving such a pivotal role for the Dutton family so long ago when he talked about Road House and made everyone think of the iconic actor rocking Patrick Swayze’s mullet. This makes it more interesting over the long-term, as I now want one of these ideas to come true:

  • John Dutton finds a family portrait that features James and Margaret Dutton with Shea Brennan in an old photo album. Travis passes it by and starts to notice how Brennan looks just like Sam Elliott. The Big Lebowski references. 
  • It turns out that there is a time machine on the Yellowstone ranch. Someone goes back in time to get James and Margaret Dutton. Road HouseBrennan is called in and Brennan’s mind is completely blown. The ability to travel through time. You can also see a man exactly like him.

Whether or not that ever happens, we’ll just have to wait and see. Make sure you check out YellowstoneEvery Sunday night Paramount Networkat 8:00 p.m. ET and tune in to the 1883It will premiere on Sunday, December 19, as a simulcast on Paramount Network or Paramount+ 

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