Stepmother tells Reddit she’s canceled Christmas for ‘vindictive’Children and their moms.

Stepmother tells Reddit she’s canceled Christmas for ‘vindictive’Children and their moms.

A stepmother has cancelled Christmas for her two stepchildren after an ongoing family row came to a head.

According to the stepmother, the 12-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy are “vindictive, liars, master manipulators, so disrespectful and tell anyone who will listen that I mistreat them”.

Taking to Reddit, she explained that her relationship with the pair has been rough since 2018, having been with her husband for the last seven years. Their biological mother has five children and has “signed her rights away” for three of them. Since 2019, the stepmother and her partner have had primary custody of the two teens.

“They are little clones of their mother,” she said.  “She is the actual scum of the earth.”

She explained that the relationship between her and the children started breaking down after their wedding in October 2020.

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Her stepson acted like an “a**” during the wedding, she said, and while staying with his biological mother during the couple’The children wanted to stay for the honeymoon but they insisted that they would, citing mistreatment at home and abuse. They were allowed to stay for two months with their biological mother, but the couple refused. “of course she sent them home when she decided she was done with them”.

“This occurs every single weekend. They run my name through the mud when I’ve literally done everything I could for them the last 7 years,”She said.

Last weekend, her husband and she were informed that her stepdaughter called someone. “the n word”she was in school. She was sent home with her electronics confiscated. “they are so nosy, f*** them” in her diary. After going to their biological mother’s house last weekend, they put on “a show”They say they are “so mistreated and never want to come back and this woman is evil and has put my husband through hell since they were kids”.

The week was marked by an increase in tension.

Yesterday, her stepson died. “said awful things”About her “a bunch of people including his bus driver and we couldn’t take it any more.”

She said: “They don’t want to live with us, this has been happening for years, and it’s so bad my husband and I are on medication now and I’m being referred to a cardiologist and suffer from PTSD.”

The couple hit breaking point, and decided to return all of the children’s Christmas presents and send the kids back to their mother.

She continued: “I know you all probably think I’m awful too but we have tried everything! Everyone says ‘oh but they’re just kids, this is normal teenage stuff’ but it’s not! There is so much more to this even than I wrote here.

“No one understands unless they are in the situation. We didn’t want it to come to this.”

One commenter suggested that the children try to win sympathy from their moms. They wrote: “It seems they are just desperate for their mother’s attention and they think that by making you guys into monsters it will make their mom love them and want them more. It’s unfortunate things had to turn out this way but you have to protect your sanity.”

They suggested she “disengage”They should only allow their father to communicate with them here.

Another point was made: “Calling someone the n word is definitely not ‘normal teenage stuff’, I agree with you. I honestly can’t believe you only took away her electronics for that.”The original poster replied that she was also grounded. After receiving a long lecture about the error of her ways, she added: “We don’t use that word and it is completely unacceptable”.

“When you’re being wound up to the point of PTSD and being referred to a cardiologist it’s definitely time to take care of yourself,”Another Redditor stated the following: They also added: “For the kids, the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ comes to mind.”

One was asked: “Are these poor kids in therapy?”

Sadly their Christmas tree isn’t the only one that will have little to no presents under it this year due to family tensions. A mother-of-3 said earlier this week that she will be cutting back on gift giving this year due to family tensions. Her “spoiled” kids “don’t appreciate” the presents she’s “wasting money on”. 

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