Sky Ferreira Returns With ‘Real Bad Girl’ Anthem ‘Don’t Forget’

Sky Ferreira fans were starting to give up hope that the punky pop star would ever release new music again, but the day is finally here. The singer-songwriter has returned with the stellar anthem “Don’t Forget.”

The star’s new single is a dreamy return to the synth-rock of her 2013 debut album, Night Time, My Time. On the track, she embraces darkness and a desire to neither forgive nor forget. “It’s such a raw deal world/I don’t need to deceive you/I am the real bad girl,” she sings above lush synths.

Ferreira first came to prominence as a budding teen pop star in the early 2010s. Her first buzzy release was 2012’s Ghost EP, which featured the Blood Orange-produced “Everything Is Embarrassing.” The next year she released her debut albumNight Time, My Time, an acclaimed synth-record that got her spots opening for stars like Miley Cyrus and Vampire Weekend.

Ferreira promised that a sophomore album named Masochism would followNight Time, but she has yet to release the long-promised project. In fact, she hasn’t released much music at all over the years. After a five-year musical hiatus, she dropped the ambient “Downhill Lullaby” in 2019, which made fans hopeful that a new album would follow shortly. It did not. “Don’t Forget” is her first release since.

In the interim, Ferreira has made guest appearances on songs by Charli XCX and Primal Scream. She has also done some acting, appearing in the television reboots of Twin Peaks and Twilight Zone as well as Edgar Wright’s film Baby Driver.

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