Simon Cowell thinks America’s Got Talent’s new Live Episode Format makes things ‘More Exciting’


Simon Cowell thinks America's Got Talent's new Live Episode Format makes things 'More Exciting'

The seventeenth season America’s Got TalentMany changes have been made. First of all, there is now a full audience to view the live shows. This is a significant improvement on the previous. virtual audienceThis was due to COVID-19 restrictions, which began in Season 15. According to Simon Cowell, AGT judge, the latest update for the NBC series is the new live episode format. “more exciting”For viewers.

Previous seasons America’s Got Talent, Live shows were started during the semi-final and quarter-final rounds. This season saw a major shift in those norms. The 55 acts were split into five qualifying rounds. Two of the eleven-act sets from each week moved directly into the finale. The other was selected by the overnight viewers vote and the judge from the acts placed second, third and fourth. Simon Cowell, an iconic AGT judge, explained. People what he’s looking forward to with the new formatting, and why it’s working for him so far.

This year, we had an incredible number of people. It would have been difficult to reduce that number to 36. In some ways, we made it more difficult by having more people go through. We’ve also made it more difficult by allowing only two people to progress to the final each night. That’s what I find more exciting.

For Tuesday’s next batch, please see the America’s Got Talent will return to the Pasadena Civic Center for six weeks of live shows, and the British judge can’t wait! He continued to share his thoughts on the changes and said he wasn’t super excited about last year’s results.

It’s exciting to not know what’s going on until it happens. I felt less at risk than I did a year earlier, when seven people passed through the night.

The new format will place more pressure on contestants who are trying to win the million-dollar prize. However, it will also give judges and viewers the chance to see more people. The stakes are higher than ever, and the 64-year old judge is eager to see the results. His Golden Buzzer-winning act, the 14-year-old Polish singer Sara James, who wowed audiences by belting out her own version of Billie Eilish’s “Lovely.” While Cowell admitted that it’s a big risk to do something original with a popular song, as compared to playing it safe with a well-known rendition, he seemed to commend her very much for that risk.

The top 10 finalists will receive an 11th anniversary announcement after the fifth week of live performances “Final Wildcard”On September 7, viewers chose an act. The wildcard vote is determined by four live shows that were eliminated and then voted on by the judges. Once that’s done, these finalists will compete for one more time for America’s vote during the two-night finale on September 13th and 14th. One winner will be awarded the $1 million grand prize and the opportunity to perform. “America’s Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE,”Fans and experts will all agree that the new changes make predicting who will win more difficult than ever.

What performer would you bet on to win the top prize for this year’s show? Ben Lapidus, the first performer, is one of the acts that has made it to the live show. His funny, but divisive nature is hilarious “Parmesan Cheese Song”Cowell didn’t like the show and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Former American IdolThe judge was also not convinced when he The comedy talents of Lace Larabee were buzzing. There’s also teen dancer Max Ostler who Sofia Vergara, judge, gave a standing ovation after his moving dance set to James Arthur’s “Falling Like The Stars.” Drake Milligan intends to continue competingHe was able to perform his original song on the talent show, which televised it. “Sounds Like Something I’d Do”The country music genre reached #1 on iTunes. And we can’t forget the Season 17 wildcardsLike Auzzy blood, Debbii, Debbii, and Jordan Conley. 

Simon Cowell’s excitement about the new format for his live show is evident. You can catch up on any episodes from your archive or watch them on Tuesday at 8 P.M. Peacock subscription.


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