Shoppers are racing to grab Boohoo’s £21 mules which are a dupe of Ugg’s £100 versions – and they’re ‘dead comfy’ too

There are very few things more autumnal than a pair of Uggs that keep your feet warm.

Celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber regularly wear these once-shunned footwear.

Ugg's £100 Tasman mules, which have been worn by everyone from Molly-Mae to Bella Hadid


Ugg’s £100 Tasman mules, which have been worn by everyone from Molly-Mae to Bella HadidCredit: @JohnLewis
Boohoo's near identical version, which come in a whopping £78 cheaper


Boohoo’s near identical version, which come in a whopping £78 cheaperCredit: @Boohoo

The current boot design is a far cry from the traditional style. vogue Tasman Uggs are a style of slippers lined with a wool fabric and adorned with an embroided braid at the top.

A pair of the fashionista favs comes with a hefty £100 price tag – and that’s if the colour you’re after isn’t completely sold out.

But savvy shoppers have spotted a near-identical dupe of the cosy clogs on Boohoo, and they’re a remarkable £78 cheaper.

Boohoo’s embroidered platform slip of cosy mules (£22) come in all of the most popular colours offered by Ugg: black, chestnut, grey, light beige and cream.

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The majority of colours are available with a choice between a standard sole and a wedge. This is perfect for shoppers who want to add a few inches.

And customers are unsurprisingly going wild for the economical alternative, taking to TikTok to show off the pairs they’ve managed to nab.

A user @tayleighst, posted an “unboxing” of her wedged cream pair, proving just how alike they are to the viral Uggs.

Not only are they miles cheaper, they’re “so comfy too”, Taylor confirmed.

“I’ve never ordered something so fast,” one user replied to her video.

TikToker – Another TikToker Show off a chic black pair with white embroidery, writing in the caption that “Boohoo have absolutely PULLED through with these Ugg Tasman dupes”.

She added in reply to another user that the quality of the comfy clogs is “really good”.

It’s not Boohoo’s only cheeky copy of Uggs, with the both brands offering near identical ultra-mini platform cosy boot perfect for tucking into joggers.

TikTok users @ciaraisabella_ posted a clip of her £30 chestnut pair – £115 cheaper than the Ugg version – adding that she was “totally obsessed” with them.

And the online retailer has also wowed fans with its dupes of Zara’s viral leather bomber; SKIMS Fits Everybody T-Shirts; and Birkenstock’s closed-toe clogs.

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Impressed shoppers showed off the near-identical Boohoo version on TikTok


TikTok users were amazed to see the nearly identical Boohoo versions.Credit: TikTok/@tayleighst

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