Shooting ‘Justice League’ Was ‘Awful’

Shooting 'Justice League' Was 'Awful'

  • Ben Affleck claimed that he had an “awful”Time shooting “Justice League” movie.
  • Affleck spoke out to the Los Angeles Times about how difficult times made it hard to work with the film.
  • His divorce and the tragic death of Zack Snyder’s daughter Autumn were two of them.

Actor Ben Affleck stated that he was faced with multiple difficulties while filming 2017 “Justice League” movie. 

“It just was the worst experience,”He spoke to the media on Thursday, during an interview with The Los Angeles Times. “It was awful. It was everything that I didn’t like about this.”

Josh Rottenberg from the Los Angeles Times interviewed Affleck about the highs and lows of his career as an actor in the article. Affleck responded that he loves working on “Justice League”A series of challenging experiences occurred during production made it particularly difficult.

Jack Snyder, the movie’s former director, committed suicide during film production. Joss Whedon replaced him quickly. 

“It was really “Justice League” that was the nadir for me,”Affleck spoke to the Times. “That was a bad experience because of a confluence of things: my own life, my divorce, being away too much, the competing agendas and then Zack [Snyder]’s personal tragedy and the reshooting.”

“That became the moment where I said, ‘I’m not doing this anymore.'”Affleck spoke in an interview with The Times. “It’s not even about, like, ‘Justice League’ was so bad. Because it could have been anything.” 

Affleck mentioned his time as Batman as one of his low points. He said that he had realized that his career priorities had changed. 

Affleck finally decided to step down as director and star of the Batman movie. Matt Reeves, director, took over. “Twilight”Robert Pattinson, actor, will portray the role of the superhero.

“Directing ‘Batman’ is a good example. I looked at it and thought, ‘I’m not going to be happy doing this. The person who does this should love it,'”He told the Times.

“You’re supposed to always want these things, and I probably would have loved doing it at 32 or something,”He continued the interview. “But it was the point where I started to realize it’s not worth it. It’s just a wonderful benefit of reorienting and recalibrating your priorities that once it started being more about the experience, I felt more at ease.”

Insider reached out to Affleck representatives but they did not respond immediately.

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