Robin Givens Head of the Class Star Has a Biracial Son with Murphy Jensen The Tennis Champ!

Robin Givens, an exemplary actress who played Darlene “Head of the Class,” Murphy Jensen, her ex-lover, and former tennis player, has a biracial child with her. Discover the shocking truths about this man.

Jensen is also the former longtime partner of American actress Robin Givens, who was formerly involved with Mike Tyson. They never exchanged marital vows but had a son, Williams Given Jensen, during their relationship.

Murphy Jensen is a past tennis champion who marveled His skills are a delight to tennis fans. He is 6 feet 4 inches tall and used to have long locks, making him more attractive to his female fans.

Robin Givens as Darlene in “Head Of The Class”

Robin Givens Head of the Class Star Has a Biracial Son with Murphy Jensen The Tennis Champ!

During his reign, the man enjoyed electrifying fame that merited mention with Luke, another racket wizard. Due to their charm, the pair were invited to the Playboy mansion on several endorsement deals.

Jensen attended the University of Southern California as a tennis scholar. By then, he was well-known. This fame caused him to turn to substance abuse which ended his training career.

The frightening episode started in the 90s. He realized that it had caused enough damage and that he needed help to heal his mental and physical health. He was speaking to an outlet when he realized he had been abused. :

“I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Every day since my surrender on June 6th, 2006, the obsession to drink or use drugs has never returned.”


His abstinence has allowed him to influence others by launching other projects and sharing his story. His personal life has been influenced by it.

Jensen, who has two sons, confessed that despite his incredible amount of success in sports, he would not consider those his only greatest achievements. He :

“I think it’s impossible to have just one greatest achievement…But if I had to choose, without question I am most proud of being a father to two beautiful boys, Billy and Duke.”

Jensen is often with the boys and these statements are quite true. The boy-dad also enjoys these special bonding times online.

He went to the beach two years ago during Father’s Day. Fishing William, his oldest child. To mark the holiday, the tennis champ posed with his sons. Submitted:

“Happy Father’s Day World!!! Today’s agenda…GRATITUDE SERVICE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY LOVE!! There’s nothing more important to me than my sons.”


She is now a leading actress, but she was once the most hated woman living in America. Givens Skyrocketing  She is now in the spotlight for her Darlene role in “Head of the Class.”

She became famous because of her popularity and began to rub shoulders with the powerful in the industry. She even got involved with Mike Tyson, a boxing legend.

The pair Married Givens filed for divorce one year prior, alleging that her husband was abusive. Brad Pitt was also a part of her extra-marital affair, which she dated after her divorce. All of this culminated in her being crowned a gold digger.

It had an impact on her career and personal health, but she was able to overcome it. Fighting through and kept a sound mind; to this day, Givens is still an impressive onscreen personality.

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