Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Shannon Beador On Whether Heather Dubrow Actually Threatened Her During Their Sit-Down

Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Shannon Beador On Whether Heather Dubrow Actually Threatened Her During Their Sit-Down

Heather Dubrow is back with Bravo The Real Housewives of Orange CountyThey are quick to respond and don’t waste any time. It has been shown that the Dubrows still have a good financial position despite selling their 8-figure home. However, her former/current co-star Shannon Beador let it slip to the other ladies about a more hush-hush reveal concerning Dubrow’s husband. Beador and the returnee had a chat about all the talk later, which was seen as somewhat frightening by viewers. Beador spills the beans on whether she was actually being threatened in that scene.

Shannon Beador specifically told her castmates that Terry Dubrow, a plastic surgeon star of, was Heather Dubrow’s husband. Botched), was actually sued by the show’s newcomer, Nicole James, ironically over a botched boob job. James eventually dropped the matter, saying that the incident occurred a decade before. Dubrow told Beador, despite everything seeming to be working out, that she wouldn’t. “lose a lot more than” Dubrow’s friendship should a misunderstanding happen again. Beador for her part claimed to Entertainment TonightShe took it very seriously, and said:

I was shocked. … She did threaten me. I was accused of going after her family, taking the business to the next level. My thoughts were racing through my head: ‘Are your gonna kill me!’ Are you going to try to take away the business that I’ve created to support my children? Because that’s you threatening my family.

It sounded like a threat to me and most Bravo fans. Shannon Beador has had to deal with almost every single one of these people. Real Housewives of Orange CountyCastmate during her eight-year tenure on the show (for gossiping or the like). They all do, and it’s never resulted in much consequence, besides more drunken arguments on girls’ trips. Beador says that the insinuations made at the sit down were grandiose for the cameras. She said:

This was just one part of me. [saying], bravo! How many times have you done this exercise in front of a mirror? Because it seemed scripted.

It wouldn’t be the first time or likely last that reality TV has been accused of being scripted or rehearsed. But, Real Housewives drama like Orange CountyFans love it. Others hate it. told YouTuber Nikkie de JagerIt was all “too much.”)

Whatever your preference, Season 16 is available on the RHOCAfter much controversy, Heather Dubrow took to the streets and got things done. After a five-year absence, Heather Dubrow took over one of the vacant spots after Kelly Dodd & Braunwyn Windham–Burke were fired. And the newbie storylines – from Nicole James’ botched boob job to Noella Bergener’s sudden divorce (which drew a comparison to a Vanderpump Rules star’s situation) – are contributing just as much. Shannon Beador can still be a great help in keeping the contraption together.

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