Random exam questions are slammed ‘unfairly biased’In viral tweet

Random exam questions are slammed ‘unfairly biased’In viral tweet

Let’s face it, no one looks forward to exams – even those well prepared and equipped for the big day. There will always be that. one questionThis is despite all the late-night cramming.

In a viral Twitter tweet, Rebekah RogersOne user shared an open-ended exam question, which has divided social media. One user described it as “unfairly biased”While another was added: “I absolutely hated questions like this because it assumed that I studied something in-depth.”

The question was: “There’s something that you spent time studying that wasn’t asked on the exam. What is it and how does it work? Explain in detail.”

Rebekah posted a picture of the question on her account. “I kind of like this exam question.”

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Rebekah, Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics and Genomics at UNC Charlotte, told Indy100She curated the question after her course on genome sequencing analysis. “some students had found it challenging to adjust to in-person classes and essay-based exams.”

Her intention was to allow students to. “show off their knowledge independently from the exam format”. “The hope was that many students could earn additional points from an open-ended prompt,”She added.

Rebekah stated that she hadn’t considered the question unusual despite being criticized by some.  “I explained to the students as the exam began that this was their chance to demonstrate learning and gain points,”She added.

Other social media users, however, branded the question “genius”Inspiration for future classes or exams.

One of them said: “A question without boundaries, while subjective, means that students who may have learned a ton but sucked at the test can actually show off their knowledge here and ideally earn make up points.”

One more person added his support for critics by saying, “It’s an open-ended question for whatever the students really took a shine to during the course.”

Some things simply can’t be prepped for.

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