Quando Rondo is ‘ok’ after fans’ concern rapper had been shot

Rapper Quando Rondo’s representatives have confirmed he’s ok after rumors he’d been shot began to circulate.

The rapper was caught up in a shooting incident that occurred in broad daylight in Los Angeles Friday.

After fans found out he’d been there during the terrifying events, they became concerned that he’d been shot.


Quando – real name Tyquian Terrel Bowman – was seen in videos circulating online looking visibly upset as he spoke to a police officer in West Hollywood after the shooting.

The 23-year-old was seen flailing his arms and stumbling backwards while talking to cops at the scene in front of an SUV that’s been hit by bullets.

TMZAccording to reports, Quando fled screaming in agony after he witnessed police pull a body from a black Escalade. However, a representative for the rapper stated that he was not being dragged out. “ok”.

According to law enforcement, several gunmen arrived at Beverly Grove’s gas station and opened fire before striking a man.

It’s said his friends loaded him into the black SUV and drove a mile to West Hollywood where they were stopped by police officers responding to the scene of the shooting.

Police officers tried to revive the victim using CPR. Before he tragically passed away, he was still breathing and was transported to the hospital by an ambulance.

They fled in a white sedan.

Quando has had similar experiences before

This isn’t the first time Quando has found himself caught up in a violent shooting.

He and his crew were attacked in Blackshear Georgia last May. One of his handlers was also wounded.

TMZIt was reported that Quando and his entourage were shot at at a convenience store.

Before that in November 2020, King Von was shot dead at a hookah lounge in Atlanta following a confrontation between his crew and Quando’s entourage.

King Von – real name Dayvon Daquan Bennett – was 26 years old and was one of two people killed in the altercation.

Quando has insisted he and his friends weren’t looking for trouble.

King Von is reportedly linked to three murders since his passing.

A member of Quando’s group, Timothy Leeks – aka rapper Lul Timm – was arrested for Von’s murder and charged with felony murder for allegedly gunning down the victim.

Lul Timm was released on $100,000 bail and was released from prison in March 2021.

He talked about the shooting at anInterview with Fucious TVIn May of this year.

His interviewer said he wouldn’t go into it too much as he knew Lul Timm was “still fighting”The case was closed, but he did question his feelings about it all.

The rapper said: “I’m just waiting for s**t to play out.”

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