Project Runway All Stars 2023 LIVE — Contestants stress over grueling challenge as guest judge set to appear tonight

Project Runway is back this evening and designers are challenged to come up with a look on the runway which showcases both opposing styles of fashion in one day.

Brittany Allen jokes about her eyelashes “barely hanging on” in an exclusive clip released ahead of the evening’s show.

While creating the runway, the contestants continue to dance and listen to music to reduce the tension of the task.

Brittany, at the end of this clip is laying down on a bed and she says “I feel so dead,” and then adds: “My blood is pumping.”

The iconic designer Batsheva Ha will also be joining the panel of judges to critique the competition.

Catch Project Runway at 9pm ET tonight on Bravo.

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  • Guest Judges to Come

    Season 20 of Project Runway All Stars will host big names on both sides of the catwalk this year.

    Not only is every contestant an established fashion designer who participated in previous seasons, but each guest judge is known for their style too.

    Each episode features a guest judge, in addition to the three judges who appear in each episode.

  • Project Runway: How it has evolved

    Project Runway has undergone significant changes since its debut in 2004.

    The show’s 20-year history has seen it evolve from a new network to the introduction of hosts and mentors.

    Notably, it has embraced diversity by featuring fashion models of various sizes and designers have faced unique challenges like dressing everyday women.

    Spin-off series and celebrity guest judges have added excitement, while the number of contestants and collections at Fashion Week has fluctuated.

    Project Runway’s ever-changing format, and its fashion-forward attitude continue to attract fans.

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