Prince Harry and Meghan’s ‘SECOND Oprah interview would push Royal Family to breaking points’

Charles states that diversity and inclusion are subjects that are close to his heart.

According to the Prince of Wales, promoting greater diversity and inclusion has been a topic for a long time. “close to my heart”He supports it and has attempted to help. “much of my life”.

Charles, Heir of the throne, was visiting Homerton College in Cambridge University.

He participated in a discussion at the Griffin Bar about Get In Cambridge and other initiatives that encourage diversity in admissions, and support ethnic minority students while they are at the university.

In a bombshell interview, the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex accused Oprah Winfrey of making a racist remark regarding their son Archie in March.

The broadcast in which Harry and Meghan accused the monarchy for failing to support Meghan when she was having suicidal thoughts led to the crisis at the Windsors.

The Duke of Cambridge responded to racism accusations by defending the monarchy. “We’re very much not a racist family.”

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