Post-Divorce Press Conference: Tom Brady Talks Openly

Post-Divorce Press Conference: Tom Brady Talks Openly

Rumors about Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s impending divorce began circulating shortly after the Buccaneers quarterback announced via Twitter that he was unretiring from football. Months later, the couple — who share two children, plus one from Brady’s previous relationship — announced their split. Sources close to the NFL player claim that he never wanted to divorce from the ex-supermodel. “This was never Tom’s idea,”The insider said People. “He didn’t want the marriage to end.”

His first Post-divorce Press Conference since announcing his split from Bündchen, Brady admitted things have been tough. “I’ve always tried to do the best I could do here, and then when I leave here, I try to do the best I could do, and that’s what we all try to do,”He stated. “I’m sure everyone sitting in this room, sitting at home, just trying to wake up every day doing the best they could do for their families and their career, and I’m no different.”Brady’s latest sentiments follow days of Brady telling his story. “Let’s Go” podcast co-hosts that his separation from Bündchen has been “a very amicable situation.”

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