Police Find Dog That Has Lost Control of Interstate and Take Her to Her Injured Owner.

A brave puppy is being called a “real life Lassie” after bravely leading police to her owner’s car crash.

Police say Tinsley, a Shiloh shepherd, tried desperately to get their attention after they received a call about a lost dog on an interstate near the New Hampshire/Vermont border.

“For those who remember ‘Lassie,’ it was that someone in distress and the dog goes and gets help and brings people to where that person in need is,”Inside Edition: Daniel Baldassarre, Lt.

Tinsley was able to lead cops to the guard rail that had been smashed. Cam Landry, Tinsley’s injured owner, lay down below, beside the mangled wreckage.

Landry, along with his passenger had been ejected out of his truck and were suffering from hypothermia.

As it turned out, the loyal dog rarely leaves her owner’s side. But in this instance, she ran, knowing that she needed help to save her husband’s life.

“She’s pretty remarkable. We have quite the impeccable bond,” Landry said.

Tinsley was given many back scratches and thanked.

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