People were shocked that my uniform from 10 years of cheer was still fit in 6th grade.

Cheerleading can be done at both professional and amateur levels.

An ex-cheerleader tried her uniforms on throughout high school and college.

TikTok user Breanna modeled her cheer uniforms from middle school to college


Breanna, a TikTok user, modeled cheer uniforms for middle school through collegeCredit: TikTok/bumble.breezy
The TikToker's first ever cheer uniforms still fit her perfectly


TikToker still wears the perfect cheer uniform she received as her first.Credit: TikTok/bumble.breezy

Breanna Aficial is a TikTok user who manages the @bumble.breezy account. Breanna tried it on. cheerleading uniforms From her whole career.

Breanna’s cheer outfit was the same one she wore to sixth and seventh grades.

This purple, long-sleeved dress has silver details and a lined hem.

The TikToker then modeled her 8th grade uniform which was made of purple and white panels.

Breanna completed the look with matching bows in purple and white.

In eighth grade, the influencer was also involved in All-Star cheer.

This two-piece outfit consisted of a short-sleeved black and blue mini skort, a blue lining, as well as a top from the shoulders with sparkling blue straps.

Breanna changed into her cheerleading uniform at high school.

This look was available in purple, gray, or white. It featured long sleeves with an asymmetrical neckline.

With only minor modifications, the cheer uniform of TikTok’s user for her remaining high school years looked very similar to her original.

Breanna’s college cheer uniform had a unique color scheme: Red-white.

A large, red bow was added to the hair by former cheerleader.

The former cheerleader modeled her All-Star uniform from eighth grade


Former cheerleader, she wore her All-Star uniform starting in eighth gradeCredit: TikTok/bumble.breezy
The TikToker showed off her high school cheer uniform from freshman year


From her freshman year, the TikToker displayed her cheer uniform.Credit: TikTok/bumble.breezy

TikToker explained that her uniform could be reversed, so she could choose to accent the red or the white.

The influencer also modeled the National Cheerleaders Association look.

A haltered neckline, as well as NCA letters, is a feature of the uniform in red, blue, and white.

Breanna wore the same cheerleading uniform for her final three years of high school


Breanna wore a similar cheerleading uniform in her three final years at high school.Credit: TikTok/bumble.breezy
The TikToker modeled a version of her college cheer uniform


A version of her college cheer uniform was worn by the TikTokerCredit: TikTok/bumble.breezy

TikTok users posted their comments about the uniforms to let others know.

“The fact that you can fit in your uniform from 6th grade!!” One viewer said so.

A second follower said: “You can fit in your middle school uniform? Girl that’s a hell of a flex!”

“Ommmmgggg THAT first one is perfect!!!!!” A third party commented.

Breanna modeled the reverse side of her college cheer uniform


Breanna modelled the opposite side of her college cheer uniformCredit: TikTok/bumble.breezy
Breanna also participated in NCA cheer while at college


Breanna was also a part of NCA cheer during collegeCredit: TikTok/bumble.breezy

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