People in New York City Burn Away Bad 2021 Memories With a ‘Good Riddance Day’ Bonfire in Times Square

2021 — just burn it all up. These people are saying good riddance to the year while hoping for better days.

Times Square, New York City celebrates “Good Riddance Day”For the 15th year, incinerating failures, flops, and forget about-it moments of 2021.

“I want to get rid of the people in my life who don’t make me feel like my best self,”Keira Myers, a Rhode Island resident, said. “I’m burning toxic men away,”Florence Sirico, New York resident, also added.

In years gone by, bad memories were shredded into paper. However, 2021 deserves a special punishment. “We are burning the negativity from the previous year,”One person said.

Everybody had a story to tell, but one Nashville ICU nurse burned through two years worth of COVID-19 trauma.

“And being the only person there when these people die is the worst part of my job,”They said. “And I just want it to end.” 

A huge bonfire might be a great way to get rid of last year’s negative vibes. However, just like New York City’s fire department, anyone who does so should always have a backup.

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