People are discovering what their crushes look like without masks and they’re devastated

Over the course of the last two years, we’ve pretty much been living in an alternate reality.

The deathly threat of Covid-19 caused many of us to retreat back home and conduct our work out of our laptops in our bedrooms. Moreover, the daily use of face masks, which protects us from contracting the virus through our mouth or nose, has been largely enforced throughout the country—with some states being stricter than others.

Because of this, for the longest time, our only perception of other people has been looking at the small part of their face not covered by their masks. So, pretty much just their eyes and forehead.

As people now return back to the office and mask mandates are being pulled back, people are discovering what others who they developed crushes on actually look like, and the full reveal has been quite shocking for a few.

On Twitter, user @@shady_j wrote, “My new work bae took his mask off today. I’m devastated.”

The now-viral tweet has over 37.6k likes and thousands of people have chimed in to share their thoughts on how face masks can be deceiving as a true indicator of someone’s appearance.

“Some random guy came up to hit on me and before he asked for my number he asked if I could take off my mask real quick,” responded one user.

Another person said, “Seeing people without their masks for the first time…is an experience and Al I gotta say is…thank god I had a mask on when I saw them. I woulda hurt some feelings.”

One person even called the phenomenon “maskfishing.”

“Maskfishing strikes again lmao,” they wrote.

“This happens a lot but I think it’s just the shock of them not looking how u pictured. After a while u get to used it and ppl usually look normal,” another said.

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