Patient bends her knees at the doctor’s horror in TikTok chat

TIKTOK is filled with bizarre and amazing trends.

However, one doctor has advised social media users not to engage in dangerous “flexibility videos.”

TikTok is full of trends and now people who are hypermobile have been posting videos of their flexibility


TikTok is full with trends, and people who are hypermobile now post videos showing their flexibilityCredit: Getty
One TikTok user casually bended her knees back during the clip and said she had never met anyone who could do what she could


One TikTok user casually bent her knees forward during the clip. She said that she had never met anyone capable of doing what she could.Credit: tiktok/lifeofadoctor
Dr Fayez Ajib urged TikTokers to stop posting their hypermobility videos online


Dr Fayez Ajib urged TikTokers to stop posting their hypermobility videos onlineCredit: tiktok/lifeofadoctor

Posting to his followers TikTok doctor, Dr Fayez Ajib was shocked at the flexibility of one TikToker.

He was responding to a woman who had posted a clip. “I’m 20-years-old and I’ve never met anyone who has been able to do this”.

Then, she sits down on a wooden stool and bends her knee to the side.

Because she can bend her leg so much, the woman is wearing cat socks.

She does it with both her legs and says: “Look at my cat socks, pretty cool. I can bend both my knees backwards.”

The video cuts to Dr Ajib saying: “What in joint hypermobility is going on on TikTok? Stop doing that.”

Hypermobility refers to the ability to move joints beyond their normal range of motion.

It is a common condition that can occur in just a few or all of the joints.

The condition is most prevalent in women, but it is also common in teenagers and children.

It tends to decrease with age, which can for some be a great advantage.

Hypermobility is a condition that allows for more movement. This could make it a benefit to athletes, dancers, and gymnasts.

Hypermobility causes connective tissue to be more elastic than it should, and this is what holds us together.

It is possible to injure your tendons by constantly weakening them.

You could suffer micro traumas that can cause dislocation if you push past your normal range of flexibility.

Hypermobility refers to the fact that your joints are more flexible then other people.

This could indicate Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Hypermobile EDS, or a similar condition. These are the symptoms:

  • Hypermobility in joint
  • Loose/unstable joints which dislocate easily
  • Joint pain/clicking joints
  • Extreme tiredness/fatigue
  • Bristles easily on the skin
  • Constipation and heartburn are two of the most common digestive problems.
  • After standing up, you may feel dizziness or an increase in your heart rate.
  • Internal organ problems
  • Control problems with the bladder
Continuously pushing your joints past what is a normal range can lead to injury


Injury can result from pushing your joints beyond their normal range.Credit: tiktok/lifeofadoctor
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