Pat Sajak Hiding $250 Million Net Worth?

How much money does Pat Sajak have? There’s little point of reference for a question like this. One report believes he’s worth a quarter of a billion dollars. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Savvy Sajak’s Secret $250M Fortune!’

Per The Globe, Sajak is hoarding $250 million. The legendary host has fronted Wheel of Fortune almost continuously since 1981. Throw in a successful radio show, an unsuccessful talk show, and a few movies, and you have the makings of an impressive portfolio. Insiders insist that Sajak’s purported net worth of $70 million is well below his real wealth.

The talk show host has hoarded his wealth and has lived on the same property in the San Fernando Valley for years. An insider explains, “Pat’s been coining an absolute fortune from Wheel for years but he doesn’t spend his money wildly.” Aside from charitable donations, Sajak funnels his considerable wealth into investments that only make him more money.

Is Pat Sajak Hoarding A Massive Fortune?

Who knows! Forbes reported that Sajak earned $15 million in 2016 for hosting Wheel of Fortune, but he’s signed a new contract since then. Most sites put his worth at around $70 million, but the fact is only Sajak would know for sure. 

We do know the bit about him saving all of his money isn’t totally accurate. According to Alex Trebek, Sajak would pull up to the studio in a four-door Porsche. He also bought some property in Baltimore in the ’90s, so he’s not averse to big spending.

What’s strange about this story is actually its tone. In May, this very outlet claimed Mark Harmon was worth $100 million, but the story didn’t credit his ability to invest. Instead, Globe just insultingly called him a cheapskate. These stories of extravagant wealth prove this story is just filling blanks with a trope.

It Doesn’t Know Pat

This tabloid has a horrible track record with Sajak stories. For that reason, Gossip Cop can’t buy this story. It claimed he was threatening to quit last May, yet he’s just signed a big extension.

It ran a ridiculous story about Sajak getting his ears pierced in an attempt to be hip. He also hasn’t lost his marbles despite the tabloid’s insistence otherwise. Every few months, the Globe attacks Sajak for some nutty reason. Just because this story is a bit more complementary does not mean we can trust it. There are too many bogus stories about Sajak to possibly believe what it has to say now. Only those with the name Sajak could know his actual worth, and none of them would ever talk to the Globe.

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