OutDaughtered Danielle Busby goes rogue Just Say No!

OutDaughteredStar Danielle Busby and Adam Busby have a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. They even owned their own boutique gym. They now both do Crossfit workouts.

TLC is a couple that works out by themselves. Recently, however, they joined forces to do a couple’s workout. But Danielle’s commitment to her workout routine was compromised in a big way this week. Danielle got out of control and quit her workout. Continue reading for more details about the three activities that she felt called to her attention.

OutDaughtered Danielle Busby Is a Fit Mom

TLCCelebrity Danielle Busby loves staying in shape. She’s setting a great example for her six daughters showing them how even a busy working mom can find the time to squeeze in regular workouts. Crossfit is her preferred workout. Even Adam Has fallen in love with this high-intensity exercise phenomenon.

However, OutDaughtered mom, this week wasn’t nearly as committed to her schedule. This week she was distracted when she ran into friends.  In order to spend some quality time with her girlfriend, she decided to skip her gym and grocery shop. This was the beginning of her downward spiral of missing exercise.

OutDaughtered Danielle Busby goes rogue Just Say No!

Danielle Says No To Healthy Eating – Rewards Herself  With Sweets And A Fresh New Hairdo

OutDaughtered matriarch  Danielle Busby bid farewell to all her hard work at Crossfit this week. She did not miss any of her workouts but had a moment when she felt weak and didn’t regret it. After all, Daniele says, “I was starving.”A friend of hers had a mini bundt cake. This sweet treat made her naive.

Then you canOutdaughteredA cast member decided that her hair was more important than her body. The busy mother of six decided to skip her morning exercise and go to the salon. Evidently, this was long overdue. Danielle shared she “finally got a haircut.”After a hectic summer, she was thrilled to see her hair look great once again.

OutDaughtered: A DYI Update Trump Workouts

Last but certainly not least, the OutDaughtered mom’s list of things that were more important or fun to do than her workout is her simple DYI upgrade. Danielle is well known for using everyday items to decorate her home. So, she used the space in her entranceway to create a sofa-table decorated with fall themes.

But, she made the best decision this week: painting her front door in black. It was boring and drab. Now with Danielle’s $35 investment, her new door not only pops but also increased her home’s value by 2.9% —which translates to anywhere between $6,000- $12 000 bump in equity—totally worth skipping a workout. Danielle traded her sweat equity for real equity.

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