Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban’s Marriage Allegedly Being Tested And Under Stress Over Long Distance, Rumor Says

Are You Nicole Kidman Keith UrbanAre they going to separate? According to one report the distance is causing them to split. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Nicole & Keith’s Marriage Stress’

According to Star, Urban’s upcoming world tour is driving Kidman up a wall. She’s in a rough spot and feels like Urban is abandoning her. The Lion star is taking care of her 81-year-old mother in Australia, and she lost her father in 2014, so she’s in a tough spot.

“Keith will be gone, which means long spells apart from Nicole and the kids,”A source said. Kidman doesn’t blame Urban for touring, but it couldn’t have come at a worse time. “They’ll be in different time zones and head spaces,”Source concludes. “The distance is really going to test their marriage.”

Will Keith Urban’s World Tour Be A Problem?

The Speed of Now World Tour is Keith Urban’s 13th major tour since he and Nicole Kidman wed in 2006. In the same span of time, Kidman hasn’t stopped working in motion pictures all around the world. Both are at the top in their respective fields, which means they travel for work.

Why would this tour, in particular, ruin the marriage? Urban and Kidman have a successful marriage, despite their constant distance. Gossip Cop confronts stories all the time about distance breaking them up, yet they’re still together. We’re not even surprised to see Star exploit Kidman’s parents, for tabloids regularly exploit Urban’s struggles with addiction.

A cursory glance at either’s Instagram will show loving photo after loving photo. They are doing well together. A world tour’s worth of distance would be hard on any couple, but this is business as usual for Kidman and Urban. Kidman spoke earlier in the week. Telled CBS MorningsUrban, her love story “That man is the best thing that’s ever happened to me,”She said.

Nicole Kidman Rumors Abound

StarIt regularly misrepresents Nicole Kidman stories. It ran a story on her in 2018 as a cover story. Save her sonFrom Tom Cruise and Church of Scientology. This never happened. Also, she did not have a baby in 2020 as promised.

Even the lighter stories are false. It was reported that Kidman was pushing for Urban’s inclusion in the cast of Big Little Lies. Kidman’s made it clear that this will not happen, and Urban’s been too busy touring anyway. This tabloid has not been privy to their private lives so it is best to ignore the story of stress.

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