Nicolas Cage recalls how Hollywood Flops Marginalized him and How He Knew He Had to Get Back to His Indie Roots

Nicolas Cage recalls how Hollywood Flops Marginalized him and How He Knew He Had to Get Back to His Indie Roots

Nicolas Cage is a Hollywood legend thanks to his distinguished career and familial connections. Cage’s five-decade long career has seen him experience triumphs and defeats. Unfortunately, his failures seemingly left a bad taste in Hollywood’s mouth. Oscar winner, who was marginalized by Hollywood’s flops, reflected on his return to indie film roots.

The decade 1980s through the mid 2000s was a period of great change. PigHe was a Hollywood box-office star and a proponent of genre-hopping. He was a box-office star for many years, but he lost favor with major studios after a string of disappointing box office results. Cage said that the film he made in studio was not well received. Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance. Since then, the Kick-AssStar chose smaller films outside of the CroodsFranchise and 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Nic Cage lost to Variety’s Award Circuit podcast about how indie films like PigHe saved him. When he spoke about Michael Sarnoski as a filmmaker, he stated:

I call him Archangel Michael because I knew somewhere along the way after a couple of flops I had been marginalized in the studios system and I wasn’t going to get invited by them. It would take a young filmmaker to come back and remember movies I made, be able to see that I was right for his script, and rediscover me.

As the Face/Off star pointed out, there’s a generation of filmmakers and actors that still love and admire his past work. Cage’s rediscovered talent has enabled him to perform some of the best roles in recent times. Oscar winner Nic Cage did feel a little bit let down by being ignored by the studios. Nic Cage was open about the reasons he didn’t appear in blockbusters Hollywood for a decade.

By flops I meant like Sorcerer’s Apprentice with Disney did not land. Or Drive Angry didn’t land. In retrospect, now it’s a fun movie, right? Ghost Rider, the second Ghost Rider was also my last studio film. While it felt like I was gone from the studio radar I knew that I could always get back on my indie radar. That was my home. And I was just waiting, waiting for the right directors… I was always able to go back to these people who were still inviting me to the club.

Luckily, Cage’s immense talent allowed the indie film world to embrace him with open arms. Unfortunately, the Las Vegas: LeaveStar wasn’t the only actor who was turned down by mainstream films. That doesn’t mean Cage hasn’t been working hard. Nic Cage was featured in three releases in 2021, including Prisoners of the GhostlandThere are many more films in 2022, including this one. The uncontrollable weight of massive talent.

Hollywood may finally be open to the possibility of accepting the Willy’s WonderlandHe was once again a star after being cast in the role of Dracula for a movie. Looks like there’s another Hollywood renaissance on the horizon… so bring it!

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