Netflix’s scary new sci-fi series shot to #1 on the charts

There are too many streaming services to keep up with them all. All of these streaming services are competing for your attention and trying to sell you time and money. They must also produce original content. However, good ideas are not something that grows on trees. That’s why Amazon spent $250 million on the TV rights for The Lord of the Rings. Of course, there are only a few properties as valuable as Tolkein’s beloved books. As such, streaming and TV services have had no choice but to use podcasts for content. In fact, podcasts have been the inspiration for more than just a handful of hit shows in recent times. The latest is called Archive 81This movie was just released on Netflix last week. 

Archive 81Netflix now streams live on the internet

Archive 81It is a scripted horror podcastThis series began in 2016. It has been a three-season journey, with a few miniseries and one season to date. Netflix announced in late 2020 that it would produce a podcast-based show. Also, the casting of Mamoudou Athie as Dina Shihabi was confirmed.

Rebecca Sonnenshine (The BoysJames Wan (SawAquamanOne of the executive producers is ). Rebecca Thomas (Stranger Things), Haifaa al-Mansour (The Society), and creative partners Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (The Endless). Notably, Benson and Moorhead also worked on Marvel’s upcoming Moon Knight series.

Here is the official trailer and synopsis. Archive 81The movie is available now on Netflix:

Archive 81 follows archivist Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie), who takes a job restoring a collection of damaged videotapes from 1994. He is asked to reconstruct the work of Melody Pendras, a documentary filmmaker (Dina Shihabi), and he becomes involved in her investigation into a dangerous cult at Visser Apartment Building. Over the course of the season, Dan finds himself increasingly obsessed with Melody’s fate. Dan is convinced that he can rescue Melody from the terrible fate she faced 25 years ago when the two characters form an uncanny connection.

Early reactions and other similar shows

Based on early reviews Archive 81Has a chance of being one of the first Netflix hits in 2022. The current score of the first season is 95%. Rotten Tomatoes. While the reviews aren’t all glowing, most critics were satisfied with the central mystery and are excited to see a second season.

  • “Even with its missteps, the trippy toxicity of Archive 81’s imagined world is difficult to shake off.” – Vulture
  • “Those eager for quick answers won’t find them, but the eight episodes plant enough bizarre seeds to effectively pull audiences through its fun-house mirror.” – CNN
  • “Archive 81 demands patience, but it’s a surprisingly satisfactory investment despite some brief lulls.” – AV Club

If you’re looking for more creepy sci-fi thrillers after you finish Archive 81Netflix is full of them. One of Netflix’s most underrated originals is called Dark. It will throw you for a loop, but it’s worth your time if you want to watch something truly unique. Although it never had an ending, you might want to see the following. Sense8The most controversial show Netflix has ever produced is titled “The Divisive Show”.

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