Netflix launches new natural history series

Netflix has attempted to produce almost every type of content, including prestige dramas and low-brow reality series. Released Tuesday, the 6-part docuseries Our Universe, meanwhile, signals the launch of a natural history slate of Netflix releases of a sort that’s arguably been a bit lacking on the platform until now.

Our Universe Netflix Docuseries

It is this kind of content, which people are familiar with from BBC Studios. This is why the streaming giant has teamed with BBC Studios. Our UniverseMorgan Freeman is the narrator of “The Natural World” and combines footage from wildlife with amazing visuals taken from the cosmos.

This docuseries is as about beginnings and as about our universe as it is at the moment. The series gives viewers a look at everything, from the birthing the Sun to the birthing of a turtle. This animation captures the beauty of the celestial powers that gave rise to the solar system. The team behind this docuseries has used CGI technology as well modern cameras to allow viewers to see a range of animals across the globe.

“We visited 14 different countries despite COVID lockdowns, we had amazing composers and brilliant visual effects artists,” Our Universe In a Netflix interview, Mike Davis stated that showrunner Mike Davis. “We really did try to do something different and ambitious.

“One of the challenges I think we faced was how to tell one single compelling story that can take you all the way through, whether you’re going out to Mars or inside the mitochondria. There is something really fresh about a transition into the body of an animal, out into space, and then onto the plains of the Serengeti.”

Our Universe on Netflix
Still from Netflix’s new docuseries “Our Universe.” Image source: Netflix

Nature is more beautiful

As for the broader natural history slate that we mentioned above — of which Our Universe is but the first of what’s to come — here’s a brief glimpse of what else we can expect from Netflix along these lines, through 2025.

The first two of the new Netflix titles will appear in 2023. Another three debut in 2024.

Our Planet II: Emmy Award-winning Emmy Award winning team Planet Earth Our Planet This is how you bring this David AttenboroughA -narrated title for Netflix in 2023. The streamer: At any given moment on planet Earth, billions of animals are on the move. Captured with spectacular and innovative cinematography, Our Planet II unravels the mysteries of how and why animals migrate to reveal some of the most dramatic and compelling stories in the natural world.”

There are four more titles

  • Life on Our Planet: Narrated by Morgan Freeman, this is the story of life’s battle to conquer and survive on Earth — a planet home to 20 million species today. In 2023.
  • Our Oceans: This release will explore the majestic and mysterious world beneath Earth’s oCeans can be found in the warm tropical waters of India Ocean and the Pacific waters that surround them by a fire ring. This will be in 2024.
  • Our Living WorldThis title is available on Netflix “is the definitive celebration of our living planet, revealing the astonishing web of connections that unites us all and sustains our universe’s most magical phenomenon — life.” In 2024.
  • The Water WorldThe exploration of Earth’s freshwater systems, the basis for all life on Earth. In 2025.

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