NCIS Star Sasha Alexander Has A Very Famous Mother-In-Law

NCIS Star Sasha Alexander Has A Very Famous Mother-In-Law

That’s right, Italian actor and model Sophia Loren is Sasha Alexander’s mother-in-law! The talented bombshell had her son, Edoardo Ponti, with film producer Carlo Ponti in 1973; It seems the film bug bit the whole family!

It would be intimidating for anyone to meet the Oscar-winning star, let alone meeting her when she’s your new mother-in-law. When Parade asked Alexander if she was nervous to meet Loren for the first time, she responded, “Yes! But she gave me a big hug, and I just saw the beauty of the woman underneath. She’s stunning in every way.” In fact, as People reported in 2006, Ponti and Alexander made their daughter, Lucia’s, middle name “Sofia” — which is Loren’s name but spelled with an “f.”

Loren’s whole family seems to be united in their love for her and cherishes her for her role as mother and grandmother. Not only is she the stunning beauty from the classic Hollywood era, but she is also so much more.

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