Mum, 27, fought off baby snatcher Mohamed Jarboui with her bare fists

A MUM fought off a baby snatcher with her bare fists after he tried to rip her little girl from the pram.

Mohamed Jarboui (51), changed his plea halfway through the trial and admitted to attempted child abduction. This happened after the mother, 27 years old, was forced to stop Jarboui from stealing her baby girl at Eastrop Park, Basingstoke.

Mum, 27, fought off baby snatcher Mohamed Jarboui with her bare fists


Mohamed Jarboui, 51, (pictured outside court on Tuesday) changed his plea mid-trial


The mum and her baby were on a walk-in Eastrop Park in Basingstoke, Hampshire

The mum – who cannot be named for legal reasons – felt “sick” after the attack, which saw Jarboui grab the pram handles in a bid to make off with the strapped-in tot.

The mum, who appeared in court this week, said that Jarboui approached my daughter from the right side of the pram, and began making all kinds of babbling and cooing sounds.

He had his left hand on the latch. The sick feeling began.

He touched my daughter’s face, and I told him to stop.

“He said sorry and I thought he was going from that point.”

Jarboui, whom the mum had seen several times walking through Basingstoke on that day, was briefly left alone after she grabbed the handles of her pram.

She said: “I started to have a really sick feeling. I started to look around and I was thinking there’s no one around me, the businesses are all shut.”

He returned, spoke Arabic to the child, then grabbed the child’s arm as he tried to abduct her, it was heard.

Basingstoke’s woman said: “He stopped us and started grabbing my daughter’s right arm.

I told him to stop pulling her like that, and the next moment he placed his hands under her armpits.

“He seemed very proud of himself”

“I hit him. I believe I had my left hand on his left side of the pram. I shouted at him, “Leave my daughter alone!”

He dropped her. She was still in her pram. When he couldn’t get her out, he reached up to her right-hand side and pushed me with his hip.

He tried several ways to get her out, but couldn’t. Then he took the entire pram with him when he couldn’t.

I was feeling all these emotions. “I was shaking, I was sweating and couldn’t breathe, I felt sick to the stomach.

The mum, who called her husband after the incident, told police when she first saw Jarboui he “seemed very proud of himself… like he was getting himself ready for something”.

Jarboui, who is from Libya, initially claimed he was interacting with the baby in “a perfectly acceptable way in his culture”.

He pleaded guilty and is now awaiting sentencing.




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