#MomTokTikToker Taylor Frankie Paul reveals that she was pregnant with an embryo.

Taylor Frankie Paul Sharing her story of loss during pregnancy

The social media star, best known in the mom TikTok community, revealed on Nov. 22 that she recently experienced an ectopic pregnancy, which is when a fertilized egg grows outside of the womb, according to the Mayo Clinic

Taylor posted the information in a TikTok that captured the moment Taylor became pregnant with her third baby, and her first child with her boyfriend. Dakota Mortensen.

Captioning the video “the last 7 weeks,” Dakota was surprised when Taylor was seen wearing a baby onesie. “Daddy Dakota,” Together with her two positive pregnancy test results and the newborn baby bear slippers. Taylor then wrote, “She “started to bleed A LOT,” Medical professionals believed she miscarried.

“Nevermind. WAIT!!! HCG levels are rising,” Taylor captioned another video clip of Taylor in waiting room at the doctor’s offices, using pregnancy hormone levels as a reference. Afterward, she showed several images showing a vein on her forearm that appears to have been grafted during medical visits. She also wrote over some of the photos. “Let’s keep an eye on it.”

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