Millions of Americans will be eligible for an $128 automatic summer credit within weeks. More will be available in October

MILLIONS of Americans will be able to enjoy lower utility bills, at most for a few months.

Residents who live in San Diego, California and are customers of San Diego Gas & Electric will see the discount.

Eligible California residents will see an energy credit in August and September


California residents eligible for an energy credit will be able to receive one in August and another in September

Credit will be issued to you in return for the discount.

California Climate Credit is a program that credits eligible residents with credit on their natural gas and electric bills every spring and autumn.

The majority of residents get a natural gas credit in April, and an electric credit in April or October.

This credit is applicable to everyone in the Golden State.

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Right now, only customers of San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) will be seeing the credit.

SDG&E serves more than 3.7million customers in San Diego and southern Orange counties.

How much will San Diego residents earn?

Residential customers of San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) are on a different schedule than other utility customers in California.

They will be eligible for a $64.17 credit on their August and September electric bills.

You save $128.34.

This rebate is in addition the $43.06 credit given to natural gas customers earlier this year by California Public Utilities Commission.

What should residents do to get credit?

SDG&E customers do not need to do anything to receive the credit.

The credit of $64.17 will automatically be applied to August and September bills

This credit is due to higher energy bills during the hottest months.

Climate Credit Schedule for Residential California

All other California utility clients will receive their credits in April or October.

There are many credit amounts available to utility customers.


  • April and October: $39.30


Bear Valley

  • April and October: $47.08


  • April and October: $29.96

Pacific Power

  • April and October: $132.85
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