Michigan Car Trunk Finds Missing Tennessee Mother Dead

Police in Michigan found a missing mother from Tennessee in her car trunk after an investigation on Nov. 28. 

Eleni Kassa, 31, was reported missing in Tennessee on Nov. 18 by her family the day after she didn’t pick her daughter up from school, according to Murfreesboro Police Department (MPD).

According to police, domestic violence occurred following an argument between Kassa (36) and Dominique Harwick (36) According to MPD, the couple was believed to have been traveling in Hardwick’s vehicle. This was later confirmed by police in Ohio.

Michigan State Police (MSP) pursued Hardwick’s vehicle on Nov. 28 when it crashed into a residence. According to police, they heard the gunshot from Hardwick’s vehicle and fired back. MSP

Later, police found Hardwick in his vehicle, with a gunshot to the head. This is thought to be self-inflicted according to MPD. 

Kassa, who was discovered dead inside the car’s trunk with injuries not related to the accident, was pronounced deceased by police. MSP.

Unidentified 34-year-old third passenger was in the car at the time. She was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries she sustained in the accident. MSP

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