Michael Bay Reveals Armageddon with Bruce Willis ‘Not Far Off’According To Science

Michael Bay Reveals Armageddon with Bruce Willis ‘Not Far Off’According To Science

Don’t worry, the world isn’t coming to an end – at least, not yet. NASA has just revealed that the world may be facing a major space problem. Launched a spacecraft into orbitTo disrupt an asteroid. If that sounds oddly familiar, it’s because Michael Bay basically predicted the same situation in his 1998 film Armageddon, starring ultimate badass Bruce Willis. The sci-fi film was apparently filmed in “not far off”As a real person, you can see the difference. ArmageddonIt is basically a matter of “being” a true storyYou don’t need to drill. 

NASA launched the DART rocket yesterday in the hope of hitting an asteroids. This is a test to see how this plan would work in the event that an asteroid were heading towards Earth. DART targets an asteroid that is many millions of miles from Earth. It poses no threat to Earth. Phew.

With such a plan being set into motion, though, it’s tough not to think of Michael Bay and ArmageddonA film in which an asteroids is on the verge of destroying our planet. Bay appears to have had some fun with the idea of Bay becoming an asteroid. “told us so”He posted about the strange correlation on his blog InstagramYou can read his post here:

It’s a little unnerving that a movie director known for dramatic and over the top action films (I mean, it’s not called Bayhem for nothingOf all people, he would be the one who could have predicted the worst threat to Earth. NASA is actually concerned about the possibility of a terrorist attack on Earth. Space rocks could endangere Earth.

It is amazing that scientists in the United States are pursuing a similar plan and concern to what Michael Bay predicted. ArmageddonThis new development has a bright side: they are planning ahead. In Bay’s film, there is no preparation taken before the asteroid is seen and determined to basically wipe the planet off the map. 

Interview with The Wrap, Michael Bay seems to agree that it’s a positive thing that scientists are making plans for such A world-ending event. Indeed, it appears that he may have made ArmageddonWith the real fear of asteroids being our undoing we call them “lethal”. Here’s what he says, exactly:

Thank God they’re doing something because these things (asteroids), they’re lethal. They come in 24,000 miles an hour, if I remember correctly — it’s an airburst to the ground.

We won’t really know what happens with the DART rocket for almost a year, as it will take 10 months for the spacecraft to reach the asteroid and collide. It is possible that the DART rocket will not hit a large rock and send it millions of miles into space. However, we hope there are no unexpected consequences. that’s a whole different movie anyway. 

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