Maverick’ Wings Past $1.4B At Worldwide Box Office

Continuing its hypersonic run, Paramount/Skydance’s Maverick: Top GunIn its 13th weekend of release, has crossed the $1.4B global mark, lifting the total to a touch more $1.403BToday.

If you use the restated international box-office numbers, this would make the sequel the 9th highest-grossing movie ever. Currencies are constantly changing, with the dollar and euro essentially at rare parity. This is a problem for Hollywood. Non-restated numbers TGMThis film is ranked No. 12 — either way an astonishing achievement, especially for a film that did not play in China or Russia. This is the breakdown of today’s film. $683.4MDomestic (surpassing Avengers: Infinity WarAs the No. 6 highest-grossing movie in history) and $720M overseas.

MaverickThis week, it will be available digitally for purchase. Paramount Home Entertainment will then offer 4K Ultra HD, Bluray, and DVD November 1. It will still be shown in theaters.

The Tom Cruise phenomenon was added to this frame from overseas. $8.7MIn 63 countries, flat in the last session. This Joseph Kosinski-directed movie had no holds for 13 weeks.

Numerous major markets saw an increase this weekend, including France (+6%), the UK (+28%), and Germany (+36%). The Netherlands saw a 46% increase, while Belgium was up 42%, and Austria 19%.

TGM is Cruise’s biggest movie of all time. Paramount claims it is the largest live-action film in 37 overseas markets, including the UK, Australia and Brazil.

The UKIt is currently on track to surpass $100M, with $98.5M in total. Despite competition from local titles recently, Japan has reached $85.8M — landing at No. 2 this session, and just 13% less than last. Korea’s 9th weekend dipped 22% for a $64.6M cume to date. AustraliaToday’s price drop was 14% to $62.2M FranceIt has reached $54.7M.

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