‘Match Game’ ABC’s Alec Baldwin, the host, is not expected to continue on ABC

ABC currently has no plans to bring their programming to its viewers.Match GameAlec Baldwin hosts revival again for another season.

Last aired in summer 2021. The show was cancelled last May as ABC began to pick up the majority of its 2021-22 season pickups. Match GameAlso, the contract was not renewed in late autumn when the network usually makes its pickups for next summer. Baldwin was also involved with the deadline shooting accident.RustSet remains under investigation. Multiple lawsuits have been filed.

Baldwin hosted the event and produced the executive production. Match GameIt premiered on June 2016. Fremantle produces the show. However, it is unknown if Fremantle will pursue a new series elsewhere after ABC’s cancellation. Variety first reported that this was done by Variety. Baldwin, Scott St. John and Mallory Schwartz are executive producers.

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