masked man terrorized residents for many years In A latex clad gimp In a village!

According to reports, 14 instances of someone wearing masks or disguises approached people in the village at night between November 2018 – February 2020.

Villagers fear a latex-clad Gimp who terrorized their village has returned

Villagers are worried that the latex-clad gimp that terrorized their area has returned, after a masked male was spotted in the vicinity.

On September 1, the man was seen looking through a window in Somerset at a couple.

Avon and Somerset Police state that they were called by Claverham Police just after midnight. “unable to locate the man”.

It follows 14 reports of a person dressed in disguises approaching people at night in the village between November 2018 and February 2020, BristolLive reports.

The last incident was in July 2019, when a person in a black latex bodysuit and mask touched his groin reportedly approached a young woman on the streets.

The last time the ‘Gimp Man was spotted was July 2019.

Officers stated that they would be open to any possible connection between the incidents.

A woman asked not to be identified, however, stated that she had told the truth. BBC: “I’ve got older children and even my kids are saying ‘it’s the gimp man again’. They’re really freaked out by it.

“But it could be anyone and I want to come from a practical point of view and do something to help people feel safer.”

She said that people have reported to her. “weird things happening”Recently, the village.

“I’m not too bothered to walk around on my own but it freaks my children out and I want them to feel safer,” She added.

Two men were arrested for indecency offenses in 2019. However, they were released after a police search with sniffer dogs and helicopters was conducted in 2019.

Claverham has a group that allows people to walk in groups around the city. However, its members say it is not encouraging anyone to be in danger.

They are hoping to encourage neighbours to share their stories and support them.

Near Hants woodland, a naked man was seen staring at traffic in a latex mask.

Abi, 25, a victim of the previous sighting, told Abi about it when she heard about the new sighting. Bristol Live: “My heartfelt like I was running a marathon, [there was] an instant feeling of panic, anxiety, and anger again which took me over a year of private counseling and medications to control.

“If I’m not worried at home, it’s because my wife is at home.”

She said the man she saw was fully covered in the suit and was “He came towards me, was grunting and heavy-breathing and touched his groin.

A spokesperson for the police said that patrols have been intensified in Claverham since September 1st.

Anyone with information, dashcam footage, or doorbell camera footage of a Claverham man on Wednesday, September 1st wearing what has been described is welcome to contact us. “a full face mask”You will be asked to contact police

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