TikTok Time Traveler from 2714 warns about 3 dates in September!

An online trending topic has been the TikToker who claims to have future knowledge. He predicted three doomsdays in September and other notable dates.

TikTok is making another prediction viral by a self-proclaimed traveler, which gives many reasons to be concerned. Although it seems like another hoax prediction, the nearness of the date leaves room for the possibility that the earth could be headed in the direction of impending doom.

TikTok users who claimed to be time travelers from 2714 shared video graphics of orbiting planets. The screen captions suggested at least five dates to watch out for in 2021.

The revelations of a TikTok time traveler.

These three dates fall in September. As with many faux predictions, they involve an alien invasion. They All rights reserved: “Many of you still don’t believe I’m a real-time traveler, so remember these dates in less than a month.”

Aery Germany, a poster, endorsed their argument by predicting September 11. This date is significant as it represents one of the most tragic events in human history. According to the TikTokers prediction, the date was set to get worse. He Submitted:

“September 11: An alien takes 4000 people to another planet, another species is coming to destroy earth.”

An eyewitness account of the terror that was experienced in certain areas after Hurricane Ida/Hurricane Katrina made it seem a little worrying, but this prediction is not surprising. Germany predicted something worse. Writing:

“September 14: The largest hurricane in history hits South Carolina, making it the first category 6.”

Next, the poster predicted that animal evolution would occur from a September 26 mutation. They Submitted: “September 26: A Chimpanzee learns to speak as a result of a mutation in its vocal cords.”

User’s comment about a TikTok time-traveler’s revelation.

Germany provided netizens with a glimpse into other notable events this year, after he had predicted the three doomsdays in September.

Eight people would be given superpowers by the sun, according to them. But, one user pointed out that the bad seeds would be among the good superheroes. The next prediction is they Share:

“November 17: Over 30 species of larger versions of our animals are discovered, spiders, slugs, snakes.”

User’s comment about a TikTok time-traveler’s revelation.

Since then, the video has received thousands of responses. Most users have refused to acknowledge the predictions. Some criticized the poster for being deluded by too many fake movies. Others pointed out the flaws of the prediction. A TikToker Submitted:

“If another species destroys the earth, how will the other events happen with humans?”

Another noted that the hurricane forecasted in the second event would be already forming if the storm struck on September 14.

User’s comment about a TikTok time-traveler’s revelation.

A number of users pointed out the fact that the poster misrepresented himself. Some of the predictions were different from those in the previous videos. One of the comments Please read: “You said in one of your other videos the superhumans would happen on December 20, not October.”

Many people found humor in the time traveler and were willing to ask questions to clarify any doubts. One Frequently Asked Questions:

“Ok hear me out. If you really are from the future and you came back in time to tell us these things, wouldn’t that cause a change in the timeline?”

User’s comment about a TikTok time-traveler’s revelation.

Although the poster didn’t respond or offer any explanation, other TikTokers responded by explaining that because timelines are infinite, it was impossible to alter the outcome of predetermined events.

Germany’s predictions were dismissed by most TikTok users as a hoax meant to mislead people. Time will reveal whether that is the case.

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