Martin Compston Refusing to Stand for Joan Collins at NTAs blundering Fans!

The viewing public was about to ‘go full AC-12’ in an attempt to figure out why Line of Duty star Martin Compston couldn’t stand for the legendary octogenarian. Lorraine Kelly also told fans that she was baffled at the snub.

Joan Collins leaves the NTAs ‘Simply the Best

Martin Compston’s refusal to stand up for Joan Collins left television viewers puzzled.

While he was sitting in the front row at the glamorous National Television Awards on Thursday, the cameras captured the rest of the O2 arena jumping to their feet when Dynasty’s icon walked onto the stage to present an award. But he remained seated.

Ria Hebden, the presenter of Lorraine’s Friday morning episode, said: “Martin clearly wasn’t a fan of Dame Joan Collins coming on stage to present the award for Best Serial Drama. The music that they played, I don’t think he was a fan.”

Martin Compston Refusing to Stand for Joan Collins at NTAs blundering Fans!

Lorraine then responded to the clip and said: “I know he’s sitting down.

“I think he’s probably saying, ‘I don’t need any more awards, I’ve got enough.’”

As she took to the stage Thursday night, Dame Joan Collins looked stunning
Martin Compston is a passionate football fan

Joan used Twitter later to criticize those inquisitive to “stir the pot”A sassy retweet, explaining that Simply The Best is a track associated with Glasgow Rangers. He also mentioned his hatred for the Celtic football team.

She also added: “Dear @lorraine @itv @itvnews please don’t start #feuds where there are none. #stirringthepot.”

On social media, others defended him, describing his seated posture as “banter”.

Martin was seen sitting as others around him stood.

One wrote: “See the folk having a go at Martin Compston not standing when Simply The Best was being played. That people are rivalry banter.

“I accept that pettiness and would do exactly the same if the positions were reversed.”

Another said: “Mature and dignified setting.”

Martin Compston was in the front row of the awards show

However, not everyone liked his decision and his ‘cutthroat’ gesture. The sultry pensioner received rapturous applause.

Martin was the victim of a vicious one-off. “This is disrespectful”Addition “Refusing to join in with the standing ovation for Joan Collins just because the music used is associated with a football team he despises, Glasgow Rangers.”

Another one: “I’d like to think most of us were mature enough to like a song for what it is, a great tune. Not like Martin Compston.”

During the glitzy bash in London on Thursday, Line of Duty scooped not one, but two awards – Best Returning Drama, and the Special Recognition gong – beating the likes of Call the Midwife, The Crown, and Unforgotten to win some of the night’s biggest prizes.

Martin, who took the stage to accept his award, slyly hinted that perhaps he would be reprising his role in DI Steve Arnott’s role.

“This means so much as we started as a wee show on Wednesday night on BBC Two and now we’re the biggest drama on TV and it’s all because of the fans, we owe everything to you.”

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