Jim Bob Duggar Despised And Considered Toxic By Amy King! Cousin Josh

Amy King isn’t holding back from talking about her “toxic” Uncle Jim Bob Duggar, and cousin Josh. She’s not afraid to tell fans how she really feels about her family members, especially in light of her cousin’s most recent scandal.

She apparently called them out in a recent social media posting. “toxic” Amy suggested that she might also be cutting their hair. What did Amy actually say? And what does her social media audience think about the clear message she sent.

Jim Bob and Josh Duggar called out for being “toxic.”

Amy Duggar, her cousin from Duggar, has posted a new Instagram post in which she sends her a message “toxic” family members. So, fans assume she’s talking to Jim Bob and Josh. Since Josh’s arrest for the possession of child pornography, Amy has been sharing cryptic posts that appear to be directed toward his wife Anna Duggar. Amy subtly advised Anna to tell Josh about Josh and to pack up and go. But Amy isn’t specifically saying these messages are for Anna.

Jim Bob Duggar Despised And Considered Toxic By Amy King! Cousin Josh

The new Post Amy shared a quote from @blcksmth It reads: “It’s okay to cut off toxic family for your own wellbeing.” In her caption, Amy simply writes, “Amen & Amen.”

Fans praise Amy King.

Many Duggar fans follow Amy today, and they are aware of what’s going on with her family. They think it’s safe to assume that this post is for Jim Bob, Josh, and possibly other members of the Duggar family. Some of her followers are even commenting on her family members’ names on the post.

They applaud Amy for standing up and taking the initiative to stay happy and healthy. One writes “Deffffffs some of your fams. I know that’s a right girl!!! 👏👏”

Other fans are also leaving supportive comments. One fan says, “Say it loud; say it proud! And it’s called boundaries not avoiding.”

Plenty more fans are telling their own stories in the comments section, reminding Amy that she’s not alone. It seems that many of her fans have had to make the same decision in their lives.

What do you think about the message Amy King sent Josh Duggar and Jim Bob? Are you a fan of the quote she shared with Jim Bob and Josh Duggar? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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