Martha Stewart’s favorite scrambled eggs recipe

It was then time to clarify.

Making clarified butter for Martha Stewart's scrambled eggs hack

To begin the clarification process, I added a few knobs of butter to a saucepan.

Anneta Konstantinides/Insider

During her “Food & Wine”Demo, Stewart explains how to clarify butter using very simple terms. “You pour off the melted butter, the butter fat, and that’s your clarified butter.” 

Because I didn’t know much about the process before I tried it, I found some more clarity (see what I did there). Culinary Hill.

“Melt the butter over low heat,”Meggan Hill is the author. “If the butter boils, the milk solids get dispersed throughout the fat and you won’t be able to skim them off.” 

“Skim off the foamy milk solids that rose to the top,”She goes on. “What you’re left with is pure butterfat.” 

This sounds easy enough. Then I added butter knobs to a small saucepan and turned the stove to low heat. And then, I waited for magic to happen. 

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